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Clutter Control: 5 Practices to Ensure Permanent Peace of Mind

As you will learn, controlling clutter is a series of decisions, questions, and follow-through actions. The number one factor to being wildly successful in achieving permanent peace of mind is to just get started, now.

Practice #1 Make Decisions – Junk is typically a series of unmade decisions. When decisions are made, items can’t just pile up because there is a consistent effort to ensure items go where they are supposed to.

Practice #2 Ask Great Questions – Papers, old appliances and destroyed furniture are typically a few questions away from becoming junk. It is this junk inquiry process that will help you accurately identify unwanted items. Go through your house looking at items and ask yourself:

  • Does it make the room look more inviting?
  • Am I sick of having it in the house?
  • Will I actually use it/consult it/need it?
  • Is this item still serving its original purpose?
  • Does it contain vital information?
  • Can it be replicated/repurchased if needed again?
  • Am I required to keep it legally? (For how long?)
  • What’s the worst that could happen if I donate, recycle or redistribute it?

Practice #3 Identify Your Clutter Zones – You’ll want to look over the Ultimate Guide to Moving and Junk Removal checklists available for free download here. This guide will help you to map out a bird’s eye view of your home, its rooms and the potential items within.

Practice # 4 Start A Pile – Once you have made the decision to ask the right questions, and identify clutter zones you are now ready to start a pile. This process should be fun and cleansing where you go into a room and deal with every item in sight and in drawer, closets etc. Just build the biggest pile you can with no regrets.

Practice # 5 Don’t Do It Yourself. Hire the Hunks! – Now that you have piles of unwanted items set aside in your Clutter Zones, you are ready to use your magic junk finger. Point at those piles and make the junk go away. Either bag them up and toss them in the trash can.

Or if they are too big to fit in there, call College Hunks Hauling Junk and we can make that go away pronto.

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