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Watch the Story of Electronics & Take Action Today!

The Story of Stuff team will release a new film today – The Story of Electronics (2010).

The new film shows how we throw away millions of tons of electronics every year and what that means for the planet. This is the latest from our friends at the Story of Stuff Project, creators of highly influential web videos seen by millions of people.

They expose the hidden costs and dangers of all the consumer products we buy and toss at alarming rates. Please urge your elected officials to co-sponsor the Responsible Electronics Recycling Act.

And help us get the word out: forward this e-mail, or use FacebookTwitter, or other means to let your friends and colleagues know about The Story of Electronics. If we all share it with our friends and community, we can reach millions of people and really inspire change!

The timing couldn’t be better. Congress has just introduced a bill that would stop “recyclers” in the United States from dumping e-waste in developing countries.The problem is that most “recyclers” in the United States don’t really recycle our old electronics.

Instead, they ship them by the container load to developing nations, like China, India, Ghana, and Nigeria. There, the toxics inside these products cause great harm, contaminating air and water, and exposing workers and communities to horrible, harmful chemicals.

Please take a minute to send an e-mail to encourage your Representative to support the Responsible Electronics Recycling Act, HR 6252.