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5 Recycling Tips To De-Clutter Your Home

You are running around the house frantically, preparing for the holiday season. The kids need to get to school, both of you have full-time jobs, and the thought of coming home after a long day and cleaning up the house makes you even more tired.

Instead of making it a chore, here are five cool and fun ways you can “clean up” together:

1. Junk-Filled Attics – Attics aren’t very fun to go up into, especially during the spooky fall season, with the wind howling and the leaves falling. If there is a lot of stuff packed in there, you are bound to scare the kids or grandkids when they go up there to play.

So turn it into a fun adventure! Go up there and set up a scavenger hunt list with treats and prizes. Who knows, you may even find something that you’ve been looking forever for, or an antique worth something!

2. Fresh Air – Air conditioning units and appliances are usually put to one side and forgotten about until the following summer, improperly stored and susceptible to damage we don’t see, such as dust or mold. Pull out the unit next summer and, bam it fails on you. It could be the heat, the extra use, or it could even be just the end of its life.

If you have an old or malfunctioning unit, it may be time to get rid of it. Do it in the fall and winter to remind you that you need a replacement before next summer. Plus, the best deals for these units are found during the winter, not the summertime. Invest in a new high-efficiency design (definitely look for Energy Star certification) and you’ll save money all season long.

3. Comfy Couches – Winter means many an indoor activity, such as hosting family and friends, playing games, watching movies, or just curling up on the couch with a good book. So why is that old musty couch still in the basement?

You feel terrible every year that people come over and sit on it, so get it out before they get there. Move the newer one to the high traffic area or get a new one. Sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming, not to mention free financing (or consider shopping for vintage). The family will love you for it.

4. A Full Deck – Have you looked under your deck lately? Oh no! You forgot the furniture out there and the leaves are falling all over it. The stains are setting in and before you know it its covered in snow. Get some help to move that up to your newly cleaned attic or down to the basement and properly store it for the winter. Or maybe store it in your NEW shed…

5. Shed A Layer – A shed is another place for spontaneous storage to take place. Between old tools, electronics and other devices, a shed becomes an incredible extra storage unit.

Get rid of that old beat-up shed and the excess junk you never use in it. Recycle the wood and some of the appliances, where you may even get a few dollars down at the recycling center. Last thing you need is the shed falling down in the next Nor’easter if its rotting away.

You might now think that all of this means taking up precious Saturday afternoons and rounding up the kids to help you. But what if I told you that you didn’t have to do that?

College Hunks Hauling Junk will do it for you, and will even bring materials to the recycling center for you. Have items that can be donated? We’ll bring those too and collect a receipt for you to write it off on your taxes this year.

So all you need to do is call (833) 626-1326 or Schedule Your Free Estimate Online. The hunks will do the rest!