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Recent Posts in September, 2009

  • Ever Wonder Where Your Trash Goes?

    We throw lots of things away from day to day but most of us don?t think about where these items are ultimately going to end up. The best place for unwanted items to end up is at a proper recycling ... Read More
  • When Holding On Becomes Hoarding

    Everyone holds on to items that they don?t have a use for but hold on to because of sentimental value or the hopes of needing it in the future. While there is no problem with holding onto a few items ... Read More
  • How Do We Hire A Hunk?

    College Hunks Hauling Junk has a very thorough interviewing process when we are looking to hire new hunks to join our team. Our definition of a hunk is a clean-cut individual that has a positive, ... Read More
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