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Each College HUNK Runs Their Own Local Business

Recently, MSNBC profiled College Hunks Hauling Junk about teaching our college-age employees a few life lessons outside the classroom.

Most of those employed by College Hunks Hauling Junk are only employed for the short term, but that doesn’t mean that the experience isn’t valuable for them.

The job of the employees is much more involved than simply hauling junk. Each truck is run as its own small business with the employees on the truck in charge. They manage many different aspects of this business and are given the freedom to manage their own time and day.

This autonomy gives the employees the chance to learn about running their own small business and how to manage ones time effectively and efficiently. The team members take care of billing clients, drumming up new business, the hauling of junk, and generally managing their own day.

This approach allows the employees to get much more out of the experience than simply a paycheck, and ultimately, gives them the skills to operate their own business someday.

Beyond the employees managing their own day, they are also encouraged to offer up ideas and suggestions to improve the company as a whole. By operating in this manner, it makes for an open work environment that allows us to continue having “the leaders of tomorrow haul your junk today!”