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What To Do With All Those Old Books

Nearly everyone has acquired books throughout their life than they know what to do with. In many cases, the easiest solution to get rid of these unwanted books is to throw them out in the trash.

While that is an environmentally incorrect option, there are multitudes of other ways to get rid of books that will benefit others and divert these books from going to the landfill.

One option is to use an online re-seller such as This resource will buy old books back from you; they even pay for the shipping. This option not only will allow you to get rid of those books but also to make some money in the process.

Other options include many charities and other non-profit organizations that books can be donated to. These organizations will then make good use of these by donating them into the hands of those who can use these old books.

So, next time you are looking to get rid of old books don't throw them out, recycle them!