Hunks' Choice: Top Fall TV Shows

Welcome, welcome, welcome! In case you haven’t noticed, it’s September. Soon, the weather will cool down and the TV programming will heat up.

That means no more re-runs that you’ve seen 100 times and no more pretending to be interested in the Real Psychotic Housewives of Albuquerque or NCISVU Des Moines. No offense to fans of those shows… they’re still better than Toddlers and Tiaras.

So, without further ado, College Hunks presents:

The Most Awesome TV Shows of Fall 2012


1. The Office– Final Season

Fans of the Office will tell you that this final season is long overdue, that the show has been stretching plots pretty thin and just grasping at straws. Still, as the show that made the “mockumentary” style popular, you have to give respect where respect is due. It’s worth seeing how this one plays out.

2. Community

This off-beat show is possibly one of the most innovative shows out there (comedy or otherwise). After last season’s debacle where NBC canceled it (as major networks tend to do with the best shows) and then brought it back, you’ll want to make sure to catch this show while you can.

3. ABC’s Wednesday Night Lineup

The throne that used to belong to NBC’s Thursday Night Lineup now belongs to ABC. NBC has completely broken up it’s lineup, switched nights, rearranged time-slots and generally ruined a good thing. ABC, on the other hand, has tweaked its lineup without throwing it out the window.

With shows like The Middle, Modern Family and Suburgatory anchoring this comedy block, ABC is set to recreate the success of TGIF or SNICK. NBC should take notes.

4. How I Met Your Mother

Season 8 is set to kick off on September 24. Despite recent rumors that Jason Segel plans to leave after this season (which Segel denies), this show could go on for quite some time. It doesn’t matter, though, because the show has been in decline for more than a few seasons now. Still, it wouldn’t matter if the entire cast left tomorrow. At this point, we’re all just watching to find out who the mother is. CBS has used this technique before (Who shot J.R.?). Maybe it’s not the best reason to watch a show, but darn it, it’s our reason.


Boardwalk Empire

If you’ve missed the first two seasons, you need to get caught up… like, right now. The new Boardwalk premiers on HBO September 16th and they have some explaining to do. SPOILER ALERT: Since Boardwalk killed one of its main characters at the end of season 2, we’re looking forward to seeing how the show picks up this season. If Game of Thrones is any indication (they killed off their main character “Ned” early on and the show has only gotten better, if not more supernatural), this could still work out for Boardwalk. Fingers crossed.

New Show to Watch


NBC has an interesting premise here: What if, suddenly, we no longer had electricity? Aside from not being able to read this blog (I know, it’s unthinkable), a lot of things would change since, obviously, nearly everything people do on a daily basis revolves around electricity. It’s a post-apocalyptic scenario but without the blackened, smoke-filled sky and zombie attacks. This is one of the few network dramas that we’re really excited to see. Premiers September 17th and at least the first episode is directed by Jon Favreau.

Honorable Mention

Parks and Rec – Comedy – NBC: Hilarious, even if a little predictable at times.

That’s about it, ladies and gentlemen. We probably left out some shows that deserve to be mentioned. And, we probably put some shows on here that are a little questionable. If you disagree with any of this (or just want to tell us how perfect this guide is), let us know below in the comments.