College Hunks – It’s For Real!

Listen up, ladies in Arizona, this story’s for you: Help some hunky college guys make some cash — while they haul away your trash.

Driving around the Valley in bright orange trucks, College Hunks Hauling Junk is a new company designed with the ladies in mind.

Justin Vanderlinden, from the Phoenix Moving Company and Junk Removal Service is one of them and he sees no reason to call a run-of-the-mill hauler when you’re cleaning up.

“Why not have HUNKY guys come move stuff?” asks Vanderlinden.

When asked if he considers himself a “hot guy,” he says matter-of-factly, “I consider myself a hunk.”

Ben McDonald is another one of the studs and he says they will haul just about anything.

“Furniture to hot tubs to bunches of cardboard to old clothes. We’ve even raked up some leaves for somebody.”

The Chandler, AZ based business is green, too. It recycles and donates to charities as much as possible of what it hauls.

Clifford Shepard just joined the “hunks.”

“I looked on the ASU Web site on the jobs and career portions of the Web site and this was on there and I thought it would be fun,” Shepard said.

He said it’s fun — and he’s been told the guys even get tips and cat calls.

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