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VetFran At College Hunks €™ Leadership Core

In order to learn, a student needs a teacher. The teacher can’t just know the information, though. In order to affect real change, the teacher needs to act as a shining example of the lesson itself.

By Dan Reidmiller - Creative Director, COLLEGE HUNKS HAULING JUNK

College Hunks Hauling Junk and College Hunks Moving strives to inspire its team members to become the leaders of tomorrow. The team members, then, need real leadership from which to learn and develop such a quality within themselves. The question is: How does College Hunks find leaders who can set the example?

The answer is the VetFran Initiative, through which College Hunks has recently signed a franchise partnership deal with the company’s third military veteran.

It seems obvious that the common thread tying together military veterans with the business world is leadership. The ability to navigate a team through uncertainty in order to achieve success is a valuable commodity in any business, and it’s a quality that vets typically possess in abundance.

For exactly that reason, coupled with a deep respect for the sacrifices of all current and former members of the military, College Hunks Hauling Junk and College Hunks Moving has focused in on providing substantial opportunities to military veterans through the VetFran Initiative.

Anthony Auman, for example, is a U.S. Navy veteran and the owner of the Greensboro, NC College Hunks franchise. He says of his search for franchise opportunities, “College Hunks was the only one that really popped off the screen at me. They’re a fun brand and it seemed like franchising with them would be more of an adventure. The VetFran discount helped make it possible for me to become a business owner and join that adventure.”

Auman, who served as Cryptologic Technician Operator aboard the USS Belleau Wood and played an integral support role in such missions as Operation United Shield, admits that it was a big step for him, but one that felt right.

“I realized that this was the right path for me,” says Auman. “I wanted to take control of my professional life and the College Hunks franchise opportunity let me do just that.”

Nick Friedman, President and Co-Founder of College Hunks, is glad Auman took that step. Friedman points to the Navy vet’s ability to lead as the reason for the Greensboro location’s success, saying, “Anthony is doing very well because he understands what it takes to be successful and he has the follow-through to get it done. More importantly, he knows how to get his team to do the same and work toward a shared vision. That’s what leadership is all about and he does it well.”

Echoing the importance of leadership is Carl Carter, former U.S. Army Reserve Captain and current College Hunks Franchise Owner in Jackson, MS. Carter, who is currently preparing to launch his location, recognizes how critically important this quality is, saying, “I personally think the leadership and vision I developed throughout my time in the military will be my biggest strengths in terms of running this business. It works out well because ‘Building Leaders’ is one of the company’s four core values and it’s not just a pair of words – you can tell everyone at College Hunks really buys into it and lives by it.”

Carter also benefitted from the VetFran Initiative, a $5,000 discount that College Hunks is proud to offer. Just ask Omar Soliman, CEO and Co-Founder of College Hunks, who says, “The VetFran Bonus creates a win-win scenario. Veterans get an advantage in pricing which helps make business-ownership a feasible option and we get highly-talented men and women as franchise partners. This is how we plan to help bring back the American Dream for so many men and women who sacrifice so much for us.”

The latest man and woman to take advantage of the VetFran Discount are Rick and Laura Turner, a husband and wife team who purchased a franchise in Oklahoma City. Rick and Laura, both of whom have retired after over 20 years in the U.S. Air Force, are big believers in the importance of leadership.

Rick, for instance, finished his career as an Operations Officer for the Air Force and points to his ability to lead as the reason for his professional success, having won four major leadership awards for his work within the military.

According to Friedman, who recently spoke at the National Veteran Small Business Conference in Detroit this past June, “The Turners represent the third VetFran bonus we’ve been able to grant. Our hope is that they, along with Mr. Carter and Mr. Auman, are the start of a trend where talented veteran leaders join our team and really become empowered as business owners. After all, these brave men and women have already done an incredible service for our country; now, it’s up to us to return the favor.”

Those who are interested in pursuing such an opportunity are encouraged to visit us online at

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