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Help Fight Unfair Moving Business Laws in Kentucky

Think Twice About Opening a Moving Company in Kentucky

Marty Vaughn, our franchise owner in Lexington, KY, is the victim of outdated and unfair moving laws that allow existing moving companies to deny new competitors from getting into the moving business.

Please share this article with your social networks and help us #MoveTheWorld. Help us motivate Rep. Hubert Collins to bring the bill that would end this archaic regulation and allow new competitors. New competition will bring clients of moving companies in Kentucky higher standards of service and the freedom to choose who moves their personal belongings!

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Want to do more to help?

Here's how you can show your support for bill SB 132

As of today, SB 132, which will appeal the moving license law,is sitting on the Transportation committee in the House as Rep. Hubert Collins will not put it to vote. His reasons are unknown.

Any attention to this matter could help encourage him to allow the bill to be heard or at the very least moved to a committee that will hear it.

How you can show your support:

1. Call 1-800-372-7181

2. Tell the person that answers that you would like to show your support for Senate Bill 132. She/he will ask for your name, mailing address and if you want to leave a phone number. This information is used to determine the Representative that represents your area.

3. He/She will ask who you would like contacted about your support. Reply, “Rep. Hubert Collins"

4. He/She will then ask for the bill number- Senate Bill 132.

5. He/She will then ask if you support or oppose it. – Support!

He/She may ask if you have want to leave a message- if so, "Please put Senate Bill 132 to vote!"

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