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Smile: Happiness can make you successful

The old saying “money can’t buy happiness” is true. But what people don’t realize is that there’s another side to that coin.

By Dan Reidmiller, Creative Director, College Hunks Hauling Junk franchise

Happiness does, in fact, lead to more money. This is something that cuts across all levels of franchising, all types of industries and, more generally, applies to the concept business as a whole. In fact, it's really more of a life lesson, but it's worth mentioning amid the constant bombardment of messaging that's out there, imploring you to focus on everything except what is truly important.

It’s time to take a step back and look at the big picture. Follow me...

Years ago, I worked a job that required lead generation. Basically, I walked around a huge department store and tried to get people to sign up for services. Not only did I need them to sign up, I needed them to get on my cell phone, call a call center and book an appointment for an in-home estimate, all while standing in the middle of the store.

Yeah. I was that guy. It was a rough economy. Sue me.

So anyway, after a few miserable weeks with mediocre/average lead numbers, I took it upon myself to read a book on body language. I figured it would help if I could read people before I ever even walked up to them and opened my mouth. And I was right.

My lead volume increased because I could tell who the lost causes were and who I needed to push. I could tell how to approach different people based on whether they were subtly defensive, aggressive, open, etc.

At least I thought that’s why my numbers improved.

Something else changed too, though. My attitude became one of constant positivity, my mood was optimistic and happy.

I realized that I was happier outside of work as well. Every day seemed like it was a good day. Not that I was a particularly sad-sack type of person before this, but I certainly wasn’t in such a perpetual state of content.

It didn’t dawn on me until after I switched jobs. I figured out that the reason I was so happy with that job wasn’t because I was doing well at it. It was the other way around. I was doing well at it because I was genuinely happy, and it came off that way to potential leads.

As per the book’s suggestion, I had made it a point to smile the entire time I was at work. At first, it was awkward and forced. After a while, though, my mind started believing, matching and reflecting my outward physical behavior.

My point is this: Smile. Smile relentlessly. Smile when you’re happy and smile when you’re angry, sad, stressed or bored. Smile for no reason whatsoever. The less you feel like smiling, the more important it is.

Money won’t buy you happiness, but happiness tends to bring in more money. And, even if it doesn’t, you’ll still end up being a happier person. Not a bad consolation prize.

Dan Reidmiller | Creative Director | College Hunks Hauling Junk franchise company

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