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Help Lexington, KY HUNKS Fight Unjust Moving Law (VIDEO)

College Hunks of Lexington, KY, is working to change a set of moving-industry laws in their area that seem, by most accounts, unjust and monopolostic.

In the state of Kentucky, the current laws - enacted in the 1950s - state that any new moving company must advertise its application for a permit to provide moving services, according to the video below.

Once the application has been submitted and advertised, competitor companies are allowed to protest the application and force a hearing, wherein the burden of proof is on the new moving company to show that the current service options are inadequate and that there's a need for another moving company.

In the case of Local College Hunks Franchisee Marty Vaughn, whose application was protested by two other moving companies in the area, her application was put on hold a year ago and the hearing has yet to be scheduled.

According to the news story below, people have used such words as "dictatorship" and "cartel" to describe the laws.

The reporter in the video even tried reaching out to the Transportation Cabinet for an explanation. As the reporter put it:

"The law and hearing process are so complicated, a Transportation Cabinet spokesperson could not explain it to us." 

College Hunks is asking YOU to please watch the video below and help us to fight these monopolistic laws by commenting with your thoughts, liking or sharing this video and helping us to get the word out.

Knowledge is power, so please help us to shine a light on this case so that we can make the moving/service industry better for everyone.


Click here to see the original article.

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