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Friedman in Forbes: Navigating the Jungle of Business Uncertainty


College Hunks Co-Founder and President Nick Friedman recently explained, in an article published by Forbes, how to steer clear of pitfalls in order to grow a small business into a major brand.

The article, titled "How to Navigate the Jungle of Business Uncertainty," compares a business venture to the mythical "money tree."

Writes Friedman:

"We all know money doesn’t grow on trees. But, even if it did, would you have what it takes to make sure your tree grows tall and strong? A business is a lot like a mythical money tree in that respect. In both cases, the fruits of your labor are not easily cultivated, especially at first."

Friedman then goes on to give advice on paths for starting up, investment decisions and overall vision.

Click to read the full story!

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