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College Hunks Authors Top Amazon Best Seller List!


Effortless Entrepreneur, Work Smart, Play Hard, Make Millions becomes a hot stocking stuffer this holiday season

(I-Newswire) Tampa, Florida, November 17, 2010 – The unique and somewhat controversial book, EFFORTLESS ENTREPRENEUR, (By Nick Friedman and Omar Soliman Founders of College Hunks Hauling Junk), topped the Bestseller List on today, giving the authors and founders of College Hunks Hauling Junk something to be thankful for this Holiday Season. Given the record high youth unemployment rate, it seems parents are recognizing the inspirational message in the book and the potential positive influence it might have on their young adult kids, despite the somewhat irreverent approach of the young authors. ?Parents, many of whom are struggling to keep up themselves, are often at a loss about what advice to give their children. One option is to encourage them to think about creating their own job — by starting a business,? states Co-author Omar Soliman. ?With poor job prospects, people are going to be launching their own business instead of getting a graduate degree or taking a temporary job. Our vision is for every young adult and student in America to read this book.?

Most business books are written from the point of view of someone who has been in business for many years, more likely over 40, and address how to manage the younger generations. EFFORTLESS ENTREPRENEUR takes a different approach, as it?s written from the perspective of two young Gen Y guys who look at business from a very different vantage point. Nick and Omar address how they bridged the communication gap with their older employees and had to teach staff members their own age?Generation Text?basic skills, like how to talk on the phone and use good manners with customers. They also developed a model for developing strong customer and staff loyalty, with an emphasis on giving amazing customer service and having an extensive company culture. Specifics are detailed for how any business can follow the lead of these clever young entrepreneurs. It seems parents are catching on

The book spells out Nick and Omar?s Ten Business Commandments and refers to them throughout the book. Reflecting the Gen Y mentality, the first one is Never sacrifice health, family or friendships for business reasons. Instead of encouraging readers to work very hard, Nick and Omar tell readers how to work smart so they have time to play hard. They spell out how to develop extensive systems so that eventually a business owner can take lots of time off, without stress.

?We use use analogies that young people will relate to,? states Soliman. In chapter 6, they compare building a business to the thrill and challenge of playing a video game. And in several chapters they compare sales and marketing skills to those that are helpful for picking up girls or guys and successful dating. Nick and Omar verbally illustrate their lessons with their own experiences to give a good picture of how each is done.

Given the stagnant unemployment rate, young people who are just entering the workforce are having an incredibly difficult time securing jobs and internships. Once upon a time graduating from a good school and working hard meant securing a first job, moving up in the corporation, and having a shot at the American dream, and these days it seems like all the corporate rat race gets you is stress, layoffs, and a rapidly shrinking 401 (k). Thus younger generations, those who shun the normal 9-5 cubicle job, will be turning towards self-employment in even greater numbers. Nick and Omar prove that there is no greater time to embrace your entrepreneurial spirit than today, and with a smart idea and even stronger determination, you can turn yourself into an entrepreneur and thrive.

About the Book:
Work Smart, Play Hard, Make Millions
By Nick Friedman and Omar Soliman Founders of College Hunks Hauling Junk
Foreword by Michael Gerber, Author of the Bestselling E-Myth Mastery Series
Three Rivers Press Paperback Original
September 7, 2010; 978-0-307-58799-2; $15.00
For more information on College Hunks Hauling Junk, visit their website at

This is THE book for anyone who has contemplated starting a business
?Fred Deluca, Founder of Subway

I laughed and learned at the same time.
?Ann Rhoades, Co-Founder Jet Blue Airways

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