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(Spoiler Alert): "After-The-Pitch" Exclusive with Friedman and Soliman


See below for the recap of our episode of AMC's The Pitch, followed by exclusive insight from Co-Founders Nick Friedman and Omar Soliman about their experience on the show and their plans for the brand going forward.


If you missed the episode and plan to watch the re-run, stop reading NOW! Otherwise, here's a recap of the episode:


Nick Friedman and Omar Soliman - Co-Founders of the College Hunks Brand - along with their largest franchise owner, Stephen Bienko, challenge the two ad agencies to propose an alternative brand strategy for their new moving division, College Hunks Moving, an offshoot of College Hunks Hauling Junk

One of the agencies, Fletcher Rowley, proposes an entire re-branding strategy around the brand name “Heroic Movers and Haulers.”

BreenSmith, on the other hand, takes a more balanced - but still creative - approach, recommending that the company keeps “College Hunks Hauling Junk,” but re-brands the moving division as “Hunks and a Dolly.”

Nick and Omar decide that rebranding both divisions is too big of a decision to make in a one-hour episode, so they select BreenSmith as the winning agency due to their unique creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

After the Show

If you thought the show was over when the cameras stopped rolling, then you were wrong!

Nick and Omar were still intrigued by the “Heroic” recommendation of Fletcher Rowley.

"Marketing and branding is an evolutionary process, not an event. The Pitch is just the first step in that creative process.” - Omar Soliman

Friedman points out that “Our company has always stood for a heroic cause, because we have franchise owners who are firefighters, military veterans, and former state troopers."

Adds Friedman, “Also, moving is number three on the list of most stressful times in peoples’ lives - right behind death and divorce - so we are truly coming to peoples’ rescue when we provide a stress-free moving experience. We thought there would be a lot we could do to utilize the ‘Heroic’ concept, even if we didn’t change our name, either as a marketing campaign or even a tagline.”

If you visit, you’ll see that there is now a link between College Hunks and Heroic Movers.

According to Omar Soliman, “We’re not planning any sort of rebranding. But, we feel there is potential with the 'Heroic' element of our brand and we wanted to test some campaigns with the assistance of Fletcher Rowley.”

Friedman and Soliman, however, have not ruled out working with BreenSmith, saying that the agency also won their favor on the show.

“There's nothing in the rulebook that says we can’t work with two marketing agencies," says Soliman. “[The agencies] are so distinctly different, as you saw in their approach on the show, that we didn’t want to commit to working with just one of them, even though we had to pick a winner for the episode itself."

Soliman concludes, "Marketing and branding is an evolutionary process, not an event. The Pitch is just the first step in that creative process.”

If you'd like our HUNKS to re-brand your home or office from cluttered to stress-free, give us a call today at 1-800-586-5872 or click to schedule your stress-free service!

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