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2012 College Hunks Summer Fun Guide: Part 1

When it comes to summer fun guides, I guess you could say “summer” better than others…

Well the College Hunks Summer Fun Guide is the best, most fun, and College Hunkiest guide in town. We’re going to break down different ways for you and your kids to have fun this summer on a reasonable budget.

In this edition, we know the kids are still probably in school and you still have a ton of work, so we’re going to give you the 4 steps you need to be a true WEEKEND WARRIOR!

Step 1: Pick a spot. There are tons of places near you. Yes, there are. Stop arguing with me! Just be creative. Do something different. Instead of going to that same movie theater and restaurant, go on an adventure!

If you live in the city, get out of the smog. If you live in the suburbs, get out into the country.

The point is, there are tons of state parks, hiking trails, affordable canoeing trips, rope swings, and more ALL OVER THE

COUNTRY. Pick a weekend and be an explorer instead of a movie-goer.

Step 2: Plan it! No matter what your destination, the businesses in that area are probably counting on your lack of preparation. Be smart. Take the essentials with you, but be careful not to lug around more than you need. Do a little research, as most parks and attractions have guides to tell you exactly what to bring.

When you get there, talk to random people and find out if there are any cool, off-the-beaten-track type activities you should check out.

Step 3: Do it. I know that one seems simple, but things come up, plans get pushed, and we sometimes forget that having fun should be a priority and take precedence over everything else from time to time. Let your friends or family help plan so that everyone is held accountable for NOT backing out.

Step 4: Take a picture. This one might seem kind of abstract, but hear me out. If you take a picture at some point during your trip (and I’m not saying to experience the whole trip from behind a camera lens… that’s why I said a [single] picture), then, post it on your fridge when you get home.

This way, every time you see it, it won’t just remind you of the fun you had, it will also remind you to go on more adventures in the future.

That’s probably the most important step, because weekend warriors don’t just do battle one weekend each year. A true weekend warrior is more likely to only stay HOME one weekend each year.

Now, get out there and have some fun!

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